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Anton Polyakov
Anton Polyakov, Fantel Company Founder, Functional (Integrative) Medicine doctor, specializing in endocrinology and nutrition (Preventage certificate)

Clinical psychologist with expertise in Erickson's Hypnosis and Transpersonal psychotherapy; GLT-associated trainer; Current Member of the Interdisciplinary Association of Reproductive Medicine Specialists (MARS).
FANTEL company's mission is to create a full-cycle care space where a person can get the most advanced support from leading experts in Functional (Integrative) Medicine.
Full Cycle is an opportunity to develop yourself to the professional level, as well as receive comprehensive assistance in the field of Functional (Integrative) Medicine. As Myasishchev neurophysiologist said, “The human personality either develops or degrades.” Our project is a Full Cycle of development in the field of health and active longevity.

Who are we? We are a large team of like-minded people connected by a common passion and love for our common goal. We are doctors, experienced IT specialists, scientists, philosophers, support department experts, health coaches and software geniuses. FANTEL is an unified whole organism, where each element maintains the beauty of integrity. Welcome to our project!

Full Cycle includes:
  • High-quality medical history taking with the help of professional automated test systems, the results of which can be tracked in dynamics after any time has elapsed, as well as online consultations with professional health coaches who will take a medical history using a special verified algorithm.

  • Laboratory diagnostics of all key systems of the body, with detailed analytics of the current state of the body and the ability to track the dynamics (integration with a number of medical laboratories). In addition, for your convenience, we created a special health matrix, where you can see all the main indicators on one page.
  • Comprehensive consultation with doctors of Functional (Integrative) Medicine, which allows you to receive personalized recommendations for lifestyle modification and correction of fundamental clinical imbalances that steal your health or lead to a chronic disease.
  • Comprehensive support by professional health coaches who will help you hone any skill, understand any aspects of the psychology and biology of your body. Our coaches will be the good angels who will accompany your journey to the best version of yourself.
  • A Massive database for effective self-education in matters of health and psychology will be useful to people who want to take responsibility for their own health, and also help others to restore health and promote active longevity. Professional concentrated courses will allow you to master the topic on a turnkey basis.
  • Professional care tools for all professions related to online and offline medicine and lifestyle modification. With the help of these technologies even without much experience, you will become a professional in your field.
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