Functional Medicine Platform

Fantel Education Training Centre

Courses, lectures and master classes in Functional Endocrinology, Nutrition, and practical Psychology for people without medical education and helping professionals.

You need that if:
  • You have finally decided to take a comprehensive approach to health issue and want to improve the quality of life for yourself and your family.
  • You need to understand how the human body works and how to realize its potential through lifestyle and nutrition modification.
  • You are an experienced health nut :) and you constantly collect new knowledge on various health topics.
  • You are a nutritionist, a health coach or a nutrition specialist, and you want to be good at topics that are needed for better diagnostics and assistance the client.
Founder of the Fantel Functional Medicine Platform.

Clinical Psychologist with expertise in Erickson's Hypnosis and Transpersonal psychotherapy; GLT-associated trainer.

Doctor of Functional (Integrative) Medicine with specialization in Endocrinology and Nutrition (Prevention certificate).

Current Member of the Interdisciplinary Association of Reproductive Medicine Specialists (MARS).

Training author: Anton Polyakov

Self-education in the area of health is the most important factor in lifestyle modification. You can change the approach to taking care of your body only consciously, taking responsibility for yourself and the state of your body and soul into your own hands.
Fantel Training Center programs are divided into 4 categories:
Easy for understanding basic lectures and educational materials are the best option to get started.
Full-cycle thematic master classes: theory + practice + methods for correcting disbalances in a specific area.
Plenty of programs (more than 50 hours) for deep immersion in the topic, streaming with a working chat, curator support, analysis and testing.
Live events for a wide range of audience. There are holotropic breathwork, practical psychology trainings, detox tours.
Face-to-face training
Anton Polyakov's Functional Marathon 2023
The functional marathon “14 steps to a better version of yourself” — is 14 days of short, clear videos with tasks to introduce new habits and modify your lifestyle.

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Free introductory module of the author's weight loss program by Anton Polyakov, Mikhail Gavrilov and Irina Maltseva.

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Full recovery after COVID-19
Concentrated express course that includes practical master classes from Anton Polyakov on recovery after COVID-19.

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Recovery of memory and energy after COVID-19
Practical master class with nutritional and medical schemes for restoring memory, energy and strength after COVID-19.

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Recovery of neurotransmitters after COVID-19
Practical master class with correction schemes and methods for restoring the joy of life, pleasure and happiness.

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Restoration of sexual function after COVID-19
Restart of the reproductive system and libido with the help of nutritional and drug correction schemes.

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Correction methods of Gilbert's syndrome
Concentrated master class of theory and practice including medical and nutritional correction methods.

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Correction of estrogen dominance
Сoncentrated master class of theory, medical and nutritional methods for correcting estrogen in the human body.

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Hair restoration after COVID-19
Author's program by Anton Polyakov. Find out why you hair actually falling out and how to grow a healthy hair back.

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Cholesterol 2.0
Short comprehensive course about cholesterol and how to regulate it.

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Laboratory diagnostics of the gastrointestinal tract
One of 10 concentrates modules of “Medical tests interpretation” flagship course.

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Insulin resistance
Author's master class by Anton Polyakov.
Find out the real causes and mechanisms of insulin resistance and learn how to correct this condition with nutritional and medical schemes.

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Hormones 2.0
Comprehensive online program about the hormonal system, diagnosis of abnormalities and modern ways to correct human hormonal imbalance.

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Author's weight loss program by Anton Polyakov, Mikhail Gavrilov and Irina Maltseva.

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Medical tests interpretation
Exclusive author's program for complete laboratory diagnostics by Anton Polyakov.

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Holotropic Breathwork 2023
Author's program by Anton Polyakov

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Medical and wellness detox tour in Sochi
Сollaboration of Fantel and FIM presents. Anton Polyakov is the author of this program.

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Modulation of immunity
One of of the ten concentrate modules of flagship course « transcript of medical analysis»

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